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Integrate Self-Sovereign Identity Solution with Zero Knowledge Proofs!

Verify credentials
  • Seamless onboarding,
  • User authentication,
  • Gated access control,
  • Passwordless login,
  • Reveal selective data,
  • Off-chain and on-chain verification.
Identity wallet
  • User controls their data,
  • Data management,
  • Wallet integration,
  • Public and private profiles,
  • Switch networks,
  • Identity recovery,
  • Reference application.
Success stories & Ecosystem

Watch the cases studies of successful Privado ID (prev. Polygon ID) integrations and explore its vast ecosystem.

First ever browser wallet with zero knowledge protocol that allows users to verify credentials in their web browser.

Products used:
  • JS SDK
Hackathon creations

Explore the creations of hackers who made incredible things using Privado ID stack.

Learn about Privado ID

Gain the knowledge and confidence to leverage the full potential of Privado ID (prev. Polygon ID).


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